Poster POS system – Complete Research and Review

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07 January 2020

Poster POS system – Complete Research and Review

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Alexandria L. Henry

Among the multitude of POS software available today, Poster POS offers some unique options that might pique the interest of small and medium-sized businesses. Its different software packages, price categories, customization abilities, and flexibility allows any business to enjoy functions like never before. Poster POS system has clients from various businesses, which include coffee shops, bakeries, cafes, bars, gift shops, and more. In this post, we review the Poster POS system and see how practical it is for everyday use and streamlining sales.

Poster POS System Features

While developing the Poster POS system, the creators have thought about all the necessary functions for businesses. Hence, with this software, clients can use various features that help them run their businesses. No matter the business type (retail or restaurant), this POS system gathers critical elements, like inventory, sales, marketing, all on one device.

Let’s start with the point-of-sale functions. Here clients can enjoy branded receipts or split billing features. Plus, the main advantage of this function is that it is incredibly easy-to-navigate. This means your customers will not waste much time waiting. Another specialty area of this POS software is Analytics. Owners and managers can access real-time reports and make the right decisions even from a distance. 

Poster POS system also allows adding ingredients, dishes, preparation details in its menu function. Other than effective menu management, the software also ensures the right inventory management. It helps users to monitor purchase costs and check inventory quickly. What’s more, the system sends notifications when stock is low.  

Marketing activities are also made simplified with the help of Poster. You can create a customer database and implement loyalty programs from the system. What is interesting about Poster is that it allows customers to collect points for purchase with phone numbers instead of plastic cards. Lastly, it is possible to integrate different third-party applications to Poster POS software for better functions. 


Poster POS system is very flexible, thanks to its compatibility. The software works smoothly with IOS, Android, macOS, and Windows devices. However, to ensure a premium experience, clients need to pay attention to some technical requirements. For instance, equipment with Windows operating system should have at least 4 GB RAM and 1.8 GHz CPU. Android tablets, in turn, require 2 GB RAM and a 7-inch screen. The specifications change depending on the device being used, hence ensure that your device will satisfy the requirements before purchase. 

Customers of this modern POS system can also enjoy a variety of devices, including tablet stands, barcode scanners, cash drawers, receipt printers, and more; that Poster will be compatible with. Plus, Poster’s team recommends using Epson or Star printers for better quality. For contactless payments, Poster suggests the SumUP Air device. Though this equipment allows clients to accept all major cards, it does charge a transaction fee.

Mobile Apps 

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There are several apps developed by Poster’s Team and by third parties. The first one is Poster Point-of-sale that gathers all the functions of POS software in a mobile device. POS reviews indicate that it has a user-friendly display, and it is easy-to-navigate. Another app, Poster Boss, is for business owners to ensure they have quick access to reports. The Poster team also built two more applications for kitchen and inventory management. Clients should keep in mind that each application has its compatibility requirements. Thus, it is safe to check the specification to see if the app will work effectively with their devices. 

Fees and Rates

Poster POS system offers different packages based on the needs of the business. They provide three pricing options: mini, business, and pro. The first one is for small establishments such as coffee shops or flower stores. Therefore, they only let 100 dishes or 1000 goods enter and charge less – $24 per month. Business and Pro packages offer more inputs, better functions, and higher prices, $44 and $64, respectively. It can be concluded that their pricing method allows customization to fit the unique needs of each client. 

There are also some other benefits of Poster that help clients financially. For instance, if you subscribe annually, you will get a discount for monthly costs. Plus, you will get a 15 days trial period for free. Lastly, Poster software is very flexible and permits scaling up or down for businesses. If a client wants to add a new register or open new branches in different locations, they can do it without hassle. However, they will pay additional fees. For example, a new register requires an extra $19 per month. 

Customer Service and Tech support

Poster POS system delivers extensive support to its existing and new customer base. If you are new to Poster, you can get information in several ways. First, you can request a callback by entering your phone number on their website. One of the customer service representatives will call you back later. Alternatively, visitors can call Poster directly. However, they do not offer 24/7 service. Clients can make calls only between 8 a.m and 12 a.m. Also, there is a live chat option on their website. 

What distinguishes Poster POS from others is its free, one-hour Skype presentation. The team makes this presentation available to anyone to give more information and answer questions. If you decide to become a Poster user, they will assign one support member to help with the installation and usage of the service. Besides, they have the Knowledge Base page- Webinars- where clients can get video tutorials, informative blogs, or ready answers to specific questions. 

Customer Reviews

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Analyzing each Poster POS system review creates a clear idea about the software immediately. Almost all users mention that the solution is very easy-to-use. It has an excellent interface without too many features that confuse users. Hence, it is one of the top POS systems that help in busy times. Plus, many customers praised the customer services of the Poster company. They mentioned that customer service is very responsive, and it is great that they help with the installation. 

It cannot be said that Poster POS system reviews include a lot of negative opinions. Only a few flaws in the system are mentioned by clients. One of them is the extra register cost. As mentioned before, adding a new register costs an additional $19 per month. Another problem was related to the split bill function as clients said that it was missing. However, we can observe its existence in their offer details on the website. Other than those small issues, Poster does not disappoint on other functions for its user.

Final Verdict

This POS software brings all the necessary functions that a business needs. It joins critical features like inventory or menu management, analytics, marketing, etc. If we look at the price-value aspect, the Poster POS system’s value exceeds its low prices. Besides, it is great that the price increases with the scale of the business. Therefore, small companies will avoid the costs of the features that they do not need. Plus, the system is praised for its simplicity of use and user-friendly display in POS reviews. Except for some small technical flaws, it performs excellently and deserves a try. 

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