7 Tips for Selecting the Best Bar POS System

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27 November 2019

7 Tips for Selecting the Best Bar POS System

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James Chumley

You have finally opened the Bar you’ve been dreaming about for years. After designing the interior and exterior of the Bar, you are still not quite ready to be open for business. You need a point of sale (POS) system for your Bar. Not just any POS system, you will need the best bar POS system that comes with all the bells and whistles. Bar POS systems help you get a bird’s eye view of the business you run; help you with transactions; make sure your staff has seamless communication between each other; finally, keep you informed every step of the way. Here are some tips on selecting the best point of sale system (POS) for your Bar.

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Transparent pricing and monthly service

The market place is filled with many bar POS systems all capable of performing the same tasks, its little extra features, and tools that come with different providers that may be different. So when choosing a POS system try to focus mostly on the monthly fees and prices. Many hidden fees and contracts can cause you and your business lots of headaches further down the road. As opposed to older systems that required a license fee and yearly contracts to upgrade to newer hardware and software, a more modern cloud-based POS system tends to be more forgiving. That’s why almost every food and beverage joint, like restaurants, bars, and coffee shops use POS systems. 

Cloud-based POS systems have monthly subscriptions that could be canceled at any time without penalty. Often times, cloud-based POS systems for bars are updated monthly and do not require additional fees to update. After paying installation fees and monthly fees often very little compared to other expenses, you are pretty much good to go. Also, read online reviews of POS systems written by business owners like you to better determine if the system is right for you.

To lease or not to lease, that is the question

The answer to this question is quite simple. Many leading experts strongly advise new businesses to not rent point of sale systems. It may seem very tempting at first to receive all of the equipment you need at once for a small fee. But in the end, you will end up paying way more than what you would have paid if you had outright bought it. Even worse, you would have to pay even more to keep the equipment. Most lease contracts cannot be canceled on demand. Also, if your business did not do well, and you decided to move on, you would still have to pay until the lease duration is over. 

POS systems on lease tend to be locked to the provider, meaning that you will have to purchase specific hardware and software provided by the company to upgrade any aspects of your system. So always try to go with unlocked bar POS systems to be able to purchase add-ons freely from third parties and save more money in the long run. So, in general, always try to buy the system and service upfront, even if it means buying little. Because you will always have the opportunity to purchase and add to your tools while saving precious money for your business. 

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User and Customer Experience

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A happy user equals a satisfied customer. When your staff enjoys working with tools you provide them with, they are sure to reflect it with the services they provide for your customers. Because technology has consumed our daily lives and we are dependent on them for everyday productivity, your staff should have no issues adjusting to working with the POS system you have chosen for your Bar. Slow and outdated systems can cause much annoyance for your staff. Newer systems tend to be more intuitive, and staff members can get acquainted with the systems right away, meaning fast progress for your Bar. When staff members work seamlessly with each other and deliver excellent performance, they are sure to please your customers. Customers will enjoy the conveniences of splitting their bills, moving their bar tabs, and changing tables. Newer systems even make paying right on the spot for customers possible. 

Access to on Demand Data 

If owning a bar is a second job for you or you do it full time no matter the case, you will need to be continuously involved in the affairs of the Bar. Issues can pop up when you are away from your business, and with a newer cloud-based bar POS system, you can easily reach out and resolve the issues at hand on demand. Choosing a POS system for your small business that allows you to access your data from anywhere, anytime to change things like schedules, update your menu, etc. dust away from the hassle of having to race to the Bar for a quick fix, or coming in on weekends for repairs. 


As we log on to and share more of our data online, it becomes increasingly essential to protect private information that your customers trust you with. Whether this information is credit card details, names, or even the food your customers have ordered, it is of the utmost importance to protect them from intruding eyes. Modern cloud POS systems for bars have built-in security measures to prevent such mishaps from taking place. Two-phase authentications and intrusion alerts keep you feeling confident knowing all your data is safe. Cloud-based bar POS systems roll out regular security updates that counter new types of threats that are emerging every day. Even the mere function of automatic backups to the cloud means that if something goes wrong on the ground level, you are safe and sound knowing that you can restore all of your data once things get reorganized and back on track. 

Managing inventory

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Running a bar requires a good knowledge of the types and quantities of liquor you have stored at your business. Most bar POS systems have integrated management tools for your inventory. These tools can keep track of the number of food and beverages left, and show you which supplies are running low. Some systems can even give you data on the best selling beverage to boost sales and make sure you have enough in stock in real-time. Storing recipes and other data is also a beneficial tool POS system for bars have.

Data Reporting

Most cloud-based bar POS systems have a function that lets you receive frequent data on how your sales are going. Lots of transaction and customer data is generated through POS systems. All of this information is vital for the good function of your Bar. You can see what services you provide are popular, along with which days are the busiest in order for you to set up your plans accordingly. Since the system is cloud-based, you can see all of this data daily and on-demand as long as you are connected to an online device.   

So to sum it all up, there are lots of bar POS systems out there that you can choose from. The critical thing to do is to consider all options very carefully for your benefit. You will never run out of options when searching for a POS system for bars. Always look for the system provider that has you in mind, not just your wallet. Start small if you have a low budget, then grow. Don’t let long lease plans keep you anchored. When looking for a bar POS system, also consider your staff; they are turning gears for your clockwork business. In the end, a good POS system will also help loosen your workload, and make sure you make smart and well-calculated decision for the road ahead.

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