Restaurant POS System

Restaurateurs are always on the lookout for ways to deliver amazing customer experience, empower on-staff efficiency, improve their bottom-lines, and stay up-to-date with the latest technology. Restaurant POS system meets operators at each of these points with solutions designed with a passion for meeting the unique needs of full and quick-service restaurants, bars, and cafes. The restaurant and the hospitality industry as a whole has seen considerable disruption by the tech revolution. Guests today expect more than just average service. And you can’t blame them.

The world is moving at break-neck speed, and every area of life must adjust these changes. Hence the need for a restaurant POS system in your business. But don’t our word for it, keep reading. How do restaurateurs keep up with the ever-increasing customer demands and remain technologically up-to-date with the latest trends? With the innovation brought forward by intelligent technology, your restaurant can operate at an optimal level. Hence avoiding common setbacks and pitfalls through the use of a Restaurant POS system – and don’t be surprised if you make more money in the process. Are you sold yet?

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What is a Restaurant POS System?

Traditionally, the restaurant point-of-sale system is the station where guests make their payments in exchange for the services offered by the restaurant. This traction is facilitated by touch screens, POS software, payment terminal, and several other POS hardware. Today, the restaurant POS system is commonly known as the restaurant point of service. This is because the POS system has transcended the simple task of payment processing and sales collection. The POS systems for restaurants currently in use offers operators a platform that serves as the centerpiece of day-to-day serving, sales, and delivery of food and beverages. Whether in small or large establishments, where guest satisfaction is a crucial indicator of business success. The system helps streamline operations and enhance the overall customer experience.

POS System for Restaurants An effective POS system for restaurants must enable operators to integrate their cash management system with several payment service providers. By so doing, they gain complete control of order processing and maintaining daily transactions accurately and conveniently. Margins can and do get tight in the restaurant business. Therefore, the success of an operator depends on the POS system to get more done by the close of the day. The functions of the restaurant POS system has also expanded to offer the following services:

  • Mobility
  • Gift & loyalty
  • Inventory Management
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • POS hardware
  • Labor management

How it Works

For a modern restaurant, the days of service staff taking orders and handing the ticket to the short-order cook and putting in the cash register are long gone. Most modern restaurants have replaced cash registers with sophisticated POS systems that are built specifically for that restaurant. For those who haven't, transitioning their POS solutions will become a prerequisite for keeping up in the highly competitive marketplace.

  • Sales

    The restaurant POS system works by tracking sales. The restaurant staff enters orders using the touchscreen into the computer system. The system computes the total bill with tax inclusive. When customers make a payment, the staff keys in the amount paid and the receipt number.

    The restaurant POS system charges the customer’s debit or credit card. If the customer pays by cash, the restaurant staff enters the total cash payment, and the system calculates the change based on purchases made.

  • Beverage Preparation

    The POS software makes beverage preparation and orders easy. The bartender receives a notification through the POS system with an order from a specific waitperson. The notification comes with details of the waiting staff. Once the order is complete, the bartender sends a notification to the waiting staff about the order.

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  • Food Preparation

    The POS system allows for complete automation of the food preparation process. Once the order comes through, it appears on screens in the food preparation area. The chef finishes preparation and subsequently alerts the waitperson through the system. Hence, the waitperson is informed about the order status and can deliver the food quickly.

    The restaurant POS system charges the customer’s debit or credit card. If the customer pays by cash, the restaurant staff enters the total cash payment, and the system calculates the change based on purchases made.

  • Inventory

    Never run out of your most essential stock items. The POS informs the inventory system that ingredients are low, not being used at all, or need fast replenishment. The inventory system then computes the remaining stocks and forwards the information to the procurement team - so you never run out of stock.

  • Theft

    Incidents of employee theft drastically reduce with a fully integrated POS system. An item in supply won’t remain untouched unless it is needed to fulfill an order. The same applies to cash handling, payment process, and fulfilling orders. Issues such as undercharging and overcharging reduced drastically since the system controls all the details.

  • Reports

    In addition to tracking sales, inventory, and cash processing, the restaurant POS system also keeps a tab on employee productivity. It provides detailed records of the average sales per employee and helps make better business decisions. Since the system runs all the major components of the business.

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Why Do you Need a Restaurant POS?

A good POS system is crucial for the smooth running of your restaurant. The fact remains that most businesses record sales and several other details. This is why a restaurant will particularly benefit from industry-focused point-of-sale systems. Because a restaurant has to deal with tasks like reservations, table-specific orders, and several other order-specific details.

This makes it easy for any business to track records and inventory. A restaurant must go the extra mile to track the cost and amount of ingredients used per dish. Besides these, the number of orders placed and on which days and times they ordered what. It becomes crystal clear why a good restaurant POS system may be pivotal to stirring your business towards higher profitability.

However, some extra perks come with having a high-quality POS system for your restaurant like:

  • - Help an operator plan better employee schedules by tracking their available work hours.
  • - Enable quick, easy, and reliable interaction between the kitchen and servers.
  • - Streamline processes like reservation, payment, and issuing of receipts, from start to finish.
  • - Save data for long-term analytics and business growth.

In short, a good restaurant POS system helps owners and managers centralize operations for their bar, café, or restaurant. This provides the opportunity to fix what needs fixing and optimize areas that need a nudge.

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Top Features of a Restaurant POS Software

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Top Features of a Restaurant POS Software

After understanding the key features of POS software for your business, let’s take a look at what you need to look out for when considering a POS system for your restaurant. All the top POS systems for restaurants have certain unique features and functionalities. Additionally, they should include a number of benefits that make them unique for the restaurant and the customers they serve.

Some of which include:

  • Loyalty programs

    Ensure your customers keep coming back for more by actively rewarding them for their good deeds. The POS system lets you engage and retain your customers with real-time, personalized rewards. These programs are sure to drive engagement and create an ever-growing loyal customer base.

  • Reservations

    Get to know your guests on a deeper level so you can deliver better hospitality by managing all your bookings and your waitlist seamlessly. Get all the essential POS features you need to optimize service, get more food onto tables quickly, and fill your tables as per the service you want.

  • Table Service

    Significantly improve the customer's experience and make the staff's jobs more manageable at the same time. Our customized POS service lets you increase table turnover, enhance customer experience, and improve revenue.

  • Customer Engagement

    Engage your customers with the right tools and deliver personalized customer experiences that leave a strong impression. What’s more, our POS system lets your restaurant securely collect and manage customer details to create customized dining experiences. Don't miss a special event like birthdays and anniversaries to make your customer feel special.

  • Online Ordering

    Pick up and deliver success with the POS online ordering solution. The system seeks to provide solutions that change the way people order food online. The system enables quick-service restaurants to accept customer orders through the internet from any device.

    These features make are the perfect recipe for a well-equipped restaurant POS system. When deciding on the POS solution, ensure that these features come as standard. If you aren't convinced, look beyond these features and take into account factors such as user reviews of POS systems, cost-effectiveness, and customer support. All these factors will go a long way in improving overall restaurant operations and streamlining various functions.

Hardware Accessories for Restaurant POS

The hardware components are a vital function of a robust POS solution that assimilates well with an existing setup. Below are some of the top physical POS accessories that help manage the daily operations in your restaurant more efficiently.

  • Touchscreen display

    The touchscreen display beats the desktop computer by being quicker and more portable for running and operating the software. Commonly used touchscreen displays are iPads. Smartphones and tablets usage is also common in some cases.

  • IPad Stands and Docks

    A swiveling stand is typically used to help customers quickly sign their bill. These are sold by vendors that specialize in the manufacturing of such accessories and devices.

  • Card Readers for iPad

    The days of the cash tills are over. Today tiny card readers as small as a quarter can easily be plugged into an iPad through the headphone jack. They are usually on purchase at POS companies and sometimes come with a POS package or plan. You can also get a larger version for your countertop, which comes as cubes instead of portable readers.

  • Power Supply

    It would not do to expect your iPad battery to outlast your line of customers. Therefore make provision for portable chargers.

  • Self-Service Kiosk

    A receipt printer, a larger stand, and a fixed card reader large enough for easily accessibility. Together, these accessories can serve as a self-service store for customers to check out all by themselves. Significantly reducing the workload of your employees.

Deploying Cloud-Based POS Solution

Deploying Cloud-Based POS Solution Management of POS systems for restaurants was earlier done on-premises. These solutions required a lot of upfront investment due to expensive servers and maintenance costs. Also, updates to the POS software came at steep costs and regular security patches as necessary. Onsite employees discharge all these responsibilities. The modern solution to all these challenges to the former POS solutions was the mobile-manageable, cloud-based restaurant POS solution.

It allowed food and beverage operators to cut down costs and enjoy cutting edge technology at a fraction of the price. The cloud-based solution quickly gained popularity, and those who adopted it enjoyed the following benefits:

  • Low IT Costs and Complexity

    Cloud-based POS allows operators to reduce upfront expenditure on hardware and software. Additional POS features like patches, updates, and upgrades to the software are placed on automation and remotely operated - thereby saving time and costs.

  • Increased Security

    With cloud-enabled security features, the POS system provides the benefit of fortified security features backed by years of experience and millions of investment.

  • Faster Innovation

    With cloud-based restaurant POS, new features, and innovations can bring properties and more modern aspects of business onboard the POS system. Every time a new version releases, more modern capabilities are added to deliver better service and push your business further.

  • Boost Exceptional Guest Experiences

    There are always new ways of implementing innovative customer engagement, develop strategies, and customize rewards across multiple store locations all the push of a single button. Thereby building stronger brand loyalty.

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Choosing the Right POS System

All restaurant POS systems are not equal. Although a POS may have all the features you hold dear and seem just right, it might still not be what your business needs.

Therefore you must learn to look beyond the features and promises and consider the details not displayed on the front page of most POS websites.

The following are some of the most relevant factors that should dictate the choice of a POS system.

  • Future Growth

    As your business progresses, its needs are sure to change. Therefore you need to find the kind of POS solution that is capable of adjusting to the changes in total orders, increased order stations, and more. This way, you won’t be forced to switch once the must need growth of your business begins.

  • Your Customers

    If your customers will embrace your POS system, there demographic plays a significant role in determining this outcome.

    • Age – Older customers, might not care too much about cashless payments and other high-end tech systems. While the younger generation, on the other hand, will readily engage with such systems.
    • Digital Adoption – The location of your business will also play a role in the kind of system that is suitable for it. For instance, a place like Silicon Valley is full of early adopters who are eager to try out the latest tech. However, move to the Rust Belt, and all you might need is a compact POS with a few basic features.
    • Social Expectations – A high-class restaurant might never give the waitpersons iPads to serve customers. But a quick-service location is well okay with self-checkout accessories.
  • Your Size

    A fledgling restaurant and a single food truck have very different needs. Therefore your POS communication features are more vital the more substantial the business you have.

  • Customer Disabilities

    Your POS of choice should take into account the accessibility features for persons with poor eyesight, limited mobility, and other physical challenges.

  • Your Budget

    Remember not to overstretch your business just too affordable a more appealing POS system for restaurants. Especially if you have to pay upfront.

Comparing Restaurant POS System Prices

Generally, the price of most POS solutions in the market range from $69 to $99 each month per terminal. Due to this variety in cost, it might be tricky finding which price is the best fit for your restaurant. To make this decision less stressful, consider your answers to the variables below:
The number of locations?
Number terminals needed per location?
Unique features needed?
Type of business – large layout, quick service location, or mid-size restaurant.
Depending on how you answer these questions, you sample the most suitable POS vendors and contact them for a customized quote, which you can compare POS systems for the best offer.

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Honorable Mentions of Top Restaurant POS systems

Though there are top innovative POS systems for restaurants in circulation, we will make mention of only five. These POS companies have both the software and hardware and manpower to manage just about any restaurant in need of a point-of-sale system. Please find them listed below:

  • TouchBistro
  • Square POS
  • Lightspeed Restaurant
  • Upserve (formerly known as Breadcrumb)
  • Toast POS
  • Revel POS

After selecting the systems that seem most promising for your business, you can proceed to the next big step. This is contacting the vendors of these systems and gathering their quotes. There are different deals and packages tailored to fit different business models and restaurants. Therefore do take the time to explore your options or read blog posts about POS before making a financial commitment.

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If you want to find the best restaurant POS system with matching hardware accessories, and POS system costs you can afford, it will probably be of the POS on this page. Every single POS system for restaurant mentioned here provides the core industry-specific services required to manage a restaurant on a daily basis successfully. At the same time, you also get to collect all the relevant data needed by an operator to navigate years of business decisions, forecast and prepare for industry changes.