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Pos System Reviews

We created a professional platform to enable real users to add POS system reviews and share their comments and feedback. Freedom, Transparency, and Reliability are the three building blocks of Posvice offerings.

Easy to use, user friendly POS

Touchbistro POS is easy to use. It helped me a lot to smooth my processes in my bar. I only had prob

Great customer support

I would say my experience with toast is great. Their team is very helpful, easy to access and reacha

Great experience

Overall experience is good. It is easy to use and the support team is so helping.

It is great

It is greatIt is greatIt is great

POS System Reviews and Guide 

According to Urban Dictionary, the acronym POS has many meanings. For the sake of our POS reviews, and in the interest of our readers, POS means nothing other than Point of Sale. But how can we adequately review a product we don’t know? So let’s look at the point of sale and what the term fully means. Point of sale is the place where a customer and a merchant conducts a business transaction. In essence, it is the checkout stand. Hence, it’s essential to see how vital POS system reviews are in helping merchants select the best POS solutions for the ideal customer experience.

Meaning that a POS can be located anywhere a transaction takes place. Whether it be in a cafe, strip mall, restaurant, salon, or boutique. Recent developments in technology and computing have enabled developers to program software and hardware to interface such that the checkout process and experience is significantly improved.

Thereby, giving birth to the modern-day POS system. Today, it’s easy to see the evolution of the POS system from simple cash registers to user-friendly and elegant mobile technology. As such, our reviews take into account this evolution and its impacts on the new solutions the present-day POS systems deliver.

Mind you; correct POS system reviews take into account the types of POS systems and their main constituents.

Different Types of POS Systems

Generally, during POS reviews, you’ll encounter different types of systems. To help familiarize you these systems, here are the types of POS systems available below:

  • Mobile point of sale
  • Tablet POS
  • Terminal POS
  • Cloud-based POS
  • Self-service kiosk POS

All these types you can divide their components into two categories. 

Parts of POS Systems

The modern POS system has two main parts. Namely:

  • Software components
  • Hardware components

The software components form the virtual brains of the systems. On the other hand, the hardware components encompass all the physical equipment that collectively work as accessories for your POS software. Usually, the software part of the POS system lives in the processing component of your point of sale hub. This could either be your tablet, smartphone, or computer terminal. 

Together, these two parts work to perform the primary function of the POS system. Which is to accept payments and process transactions as seamlessly as possible. 

Therefore POS system reviews are most relevant to decision making when they take into account the various secondary functions of the POS system.

Features of POS Systems

Some of the vital features and functions our POS software reviews covered are:

Inventory Management - The best POS software supports inventory tracking and automatic update of changes in the stock level. This feature has become crucial in several industries, like the retail and restaurant industries, where the inventory has a direct impact on profits.

Digital and Print Receipt feature - The tech world is moving the future away from traditional commerce practice and embracing new digital trends like digital payments and receipt systems. Most modern POS solutions support electronic payments. Therefore, we also base reviews on the quality of their receipt system.

Sales Reporting and Monitoring - Tracking of day to day sales, generating of daily, weekly, and monthly sales reports are some of the essential functions of our POS system reviews. Several salon POS systems rely on this feature to remain profitable. Hence, we help business owners identify the best software that offers reliable monitoring and reporting functions.

Third-Party Integrations - Cloud-based POS software is one of the main focus of your POS reviews. Per our observations, their solutions readily offer integrations with third-party software and services like analytics engines, email marketing services, accounting software, etc.

Some other determining features include:

  • Loyalty programs
  • Staff management
  • Customer relationship management

Taking these factors into consideration, it’s easy to judge, through our POS system reviews, which point of sale solutions benefits your system most. But take our word for it, read for yourself how POS systems reviews benefit your business.

Benefits of Reading POS System Reviews 

To better understand the benefits derived from POS system reviews, let’s take a minute to understand the difference between the traditional POS and a POS system.

A traditional point of sale may consist only of a receipt printer, cash register, and a card scanner. On the other hand, a POS system may or may not have as much as three peripheral hardware but can accomplish way more. Unless you've traveled to the wild west, you already have some form of POS.

However, are you using a POS system? If yes, is it delivering the best value for value? How best can you maximize the value you deriving from your current or future point of sale?

Our POS system reviews do not only help you answer these questions but also ensure you find the best picks based on variables like your business size, industry, and budget.

Today’s POS systems have surpassed their predecessors in several ways. This becomes clear after you spend time comparing POS systems. With the right POS system, you should be able to manage your employees better, keep better books, monitor and maintain your online presence, provide customers with gift packages and loyalty programs, among several others. The list goes on; it depends on how best you can use the system you choose.

Provided you can make the right choice. This is why POS system reviews play a central role when deciding on the best POS for your business.

Therefore, it helps to remain aware that your POS should wear many hats and benefit your business in multiple ways.

What Factors to Pay Attention on POS Reviews

Modern POS systems make a lot of difference in your business. Hence, when you review POS systems, you want to ensure that the systems help your business achieve the following: 

  • Save time
  • Make and save money
  • Prevent and minimize waste
  • Prevent and control employee theft
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Boost branding efforts of your business

The POS system can be a great blessing to your establishment. Especially if you’re in an industry that has fully embraced technology. The relevant POS system reviews can help you realize the full potential of your POS software - whether it is cloud-based or on-premise.

Determine Whether On-Premise or Cloud-Based 

Generally, our POS system reviews also take the hosting type of every POS software we evaluate into consideration. This separates all POS software into two main categories, namely: on-premise and cloud-based POS (also known as SaaS POS).

The on-premise software, as the name suggests, runs locally within your system, on a closed server. This option offers full ownership and control of the POS system, once you make full payment for the software. This payment is made only once and the software becomes your property.

On the other hand, you lease your cloud-based software from your POS vendor. Therefore, you pay monthly fees, charged according to the pricing plan you choose during the system purchase. As expected, different plans are depending on your business, size, number of locations, and many more. 

Ultimately, you end up paying more for cloud-based software, if you consider the long term expenses. However, these options offer several benefits that offset the cost.

Here at Posvice, we usually review cloud-based POS systems. However, this doesn’t mean we believe they are the best option in every scenario. You can get a better idea of which system is ideal for a particular scenario by conducting a full review.