A Beginner’s Guide to Tablet POS Systems

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14 February 2020

A Beginner’s Guide to Tablet POS Systems

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Larry Winton

Have you been considering changing your current traditional POS to a tablet POS system? Well, one thing is for sure, you aren’t alone. More and more businesses are making the switch from the bulky point of sale systems to POS touchscreen monitors that offer more mobility. The traditional cash register is almost obsolete. As such, more retailers now trust cloud-based POS systems that run on smart devices like tablets and phones. 

Though there are so many benefits you can derive from the right tablet POS system and features you can enjoy, the problem lies in securing the best option. The platforms to choose from are overwhelmingly diverse. Hence, this article compares some of the best performing tablet POS that your business can use for improved customer experience. 

Comparing Tablet POS Systems

With cloud-based POS systems that you can run on portable devices, you get the chance to provide better customer service and seamless operations. Also, you can run your point of sale software on multiple devices provided they have an internet connection. Therefore, you have the unique opportunity to use your tablet as a high-tech cash register. 

With a tablet POS system, you can easily move your entire POS system around the event floors, store, or shop. Irrespective of where you find yourself, the POS touchscreen monitors aren’t restricted by size or location. Hence, you can serve and sell your products wherever your customers find themselves. We aren’t even considering the benefits of the tablet POS software here. But as we talk about the modern POS systems, it’s evident that you can scarcely get a better choice and a mobile POS solution. 

For these reasons, the tablet POS software and system is very attractive to small and mid-sized companies that deal with customers and process payments. Because despite all the perks that come with using one, they are relatively more affordable than the regular local server POS. Also, the modern POS system is easier to set up and operate. With a few clicks, you should be good to go. 

Know your Criteria

Hence, if you are one of the retailers looking to change to a tablet POS system, you might be tempted to choose based on looks. However, we all know the old saying stating that looks can be deceptive. 

Instead, you should have criteria for selecting the best fit for your business. These same criteria back our evaluation and selection of the best POS systems for tablet devices in this article. 

Our main criteria include the following:


No matter which platform you choose, whether an Android or iPad POS system, you will get a set of unique and common functionalities. Because mobile POS software is designed with unique features that are best used with the right hardware. 

Hence, depending on the requirements of your business, you will have your retail POS system will have to provide features like self-checkout, inventory management, and product lookup, among many others. 

Also, extra functions like customer management and reporting help you decide which system to choose. 

Customer Feedback

Which sources can help you determine if a company’s products are reliable? This is where you will find POS customer reviews very useful. If there are any software bugs and major issues you need to know about, chances are you won’t find these on the vendor’s homepage. Therefore, you need to find out what current and previous users are saying about any POS software you are considering. 


tablet pos system

Irrespective of how sophisticated a software application might look, you’ll need some help at a point. Therefore, you want to ensure that you have reliable support to contact in the case of any issues. One thing we’ve observed about some POS vendors, they provide customer support but charge additional fees for this service. 

Hence, you want to verify what kind of support you’ll be signing up for before calling your POS vendor for a free trial or demo. 


For many small businesses, prices are the most important factor during the decision making process. Once the price is reasonable, you have a better chance of concluding that the system is a good fit for your business. Depending on how much you’re willing to spend on your POS solution, you want to carefully look at fees and costs. 


Even though you are choosing your tablet POS system for immediate use and results, you also need to think long term. As your business expands, its needs will change with time. Maybe you will like to diversify, add an eCommerce platform or a new line of products. These additions will require more functionalities; hence your tablet system should be able to integrate with accounting software, eCommerce, and many more.  

This list is by no means exhaustive. However, it serves as a reliable guideline for research purposes. 

Top 6 Tablet POS Systems

Using the above criteria, here are the top 6 tablet POS systems you’ve rounded up for this year. Here they are below:



Revel Systems




There are full POS system reviews of each of these systems provided to cover all the essential sectors of their operation. 

Leading Features of Tablet POS Systems

Despite their small size, the tablet point of sale systems are capable of discharging similar functions like the traditional and terminal-based POS systems. The top POS features of tablet-based systems include: 

Customer engagement

With this feature, you can form different customer profiles and easily track various metrics like purchase history. Also, different customer information will be at your fingertips. With this information and profiles, you can build more effective customer loyalty programs. This data will give you more insight into customer expectations and help you deal with difficult customers and loyal ones alike. 

Reporting and analytics

pos touchscreen monitors

Collect relevant sales data and process them into valuable insights with simple analytical tools that your tablet point of sale system provides. This feature helps you run ahead in the current competitive market by using good strategies based on collected data. Also, you have a better idea of which customers generate the most substantial revenue for your business, which days, months, or seasons they make the most purchases and many more.

Employee management

You can put your staff to better use with the employee management functionalities of the right tablet POS software. Ideally, you want an easily adjustable system that allows you to customize staff schedules, time clocks, and payrolls.

Typical Hardware for your Tablet POS System

Your tablet POS system is only as good as its hardware. Hence you want to pay particular attention to the kind of system you are getting with the POS software. You need to know the essential equipment you need for a complete POS system, and here they are below:

  • Receipt printers
  • EMV card readers
  • Cash drawer

You need to bear in mind that many POS systems run as stationary systems. Hence, you can find many third-party vendors and suppliers who provide unique cases and stands. Also, apart from these options, you will find a plethora of add-ons and equipment. It all depends on what you need. 

Final Thoughts

As you actively search for a tablet POS system, the vast numbers and variety shouldn’t deter you from making the correct choice. You only need to find out the unique strengths and weaknesses of your particular system. You have several other options apart from a tablet-based POS solution. However, it’s easy to see why they are the smartest choice in today’s tech after a thorough POS comparison of all the relevant features and properties. 

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