Seven Top Grocery Store POS System of 2020

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24 February 2020

Seven Top Grocery Store POS System of 2020

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Christopher Watkins

The grocery store POS system has been around for some time now. These point of sale systems share the same features with that of your standard POS system. However, they also come with some industry-specific functionalities that make them unique and best suited to serve the needs of grocery stores. 

Some of these features include product expiration tracking, scale integrations, and comprehensive barcode management. Usually, these additional features come at a price. As usual, our POS review considered a number of POS systems to find out the top grocery store POS system for businesses this year.

Thus, we present to you our top picks for the grocery store system you should consider in 2020.  

Top 7 Grocery Store POS System 2020

Below you’ll find the seven best POS systems for grocery store management. In case you’re wondering how, you’ll find how we evaluate the grocery store POS system developed by different providers to determine the ones that make our list below. 

  • Sygnio – Best overall for businesses that prefer an affordable, fully functional grocery POS that’s replete with advanced features like scale support. 
  • ShopKeep – Ideal for grocery stores that prefer that offer prepared food or cafes because of its ingredient level inventory management module. 
  • IT Retail – Best suited for markets that are shopping for the price, but all want a full feature set for their POS system. 
  • Square – Offers offline payment processing and free POS to pop-up and temporary food markets. 
  • Shopify – Supermarkets and grocers that want to serve their products to online consumers. 
  • Polar POS – Industry-specific and low-cost for smaller grocers.
  • eHopper – Free POS for small grocers that want to sell products by different units of measurement. 

How We Evaluate Each POS System for Grocery Store Businesses

A Grocery store or supermarket POS system must be capable of handling multiple employee user accounts, large amounts of perishable inventory, permission levels, loyalty, and easy-to-use coupon features. It is well known that grocery stores and supermarkets are relatively low-margin businesses. 

Therefore, these features are essential to the profitability of the businesses that use them. Thus, a grocery store POS system needs to be affordable and offer the best possible value for money. To help our readers also how to choose the best POS system for their business we reveal in this post some of the factors we look at to determine our top picks. Hence, the criteria listed below help us review different POS systems for the grocery industry: 


We reviewed POS hardware fees, and subscription fees for monthly software usage. Some of the most vital hardware to look out for when considering price include setup fees, scale price, and other add-ons users like to use. 

Grocery-Specific Features

We place a particular emphasis on retail POS systems that were built specifically for the grocer and provide functionalities like scale integrations. 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

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We evaluated different customer relationship management (CRM) features like custom coupons, marketing tools, and loyalty programs to see which grocery store POS system shows the best integration of these features. 

Employee Management

We assessed the various employee management features included in the respective POS systems designed for grocers. Some of the best functionalities we looked out for were permission levels, shift schedules, and productivity reports. 

Inventory Management

You have thousands of products to deal with as a grocer. Hence, we ensure the POS systems that make our evaluation list have robust inventory management tools. With these sophisticated inventory modules, you can account for different product variables like expiration dates. 

Sales Reports and Analytics

Here we compared different types of reports and insights provided by different POS systems. Some of the best reporting features include data export features, customization tools, and accounting integrations. 

Ease of use

Last but certainly not least, we looked at the intuitive nature of every grocery store’s POS system on this list. Hence, you can expect an easy setup and quick employee usability. 

Our Pick for 2020

From the requirements listed above, Sygnio’s versatile POS system for grocery store management is a top pick for all things grocery. It is among some of the only options in the market that provide grocery-specific features for small business owners. Plus, the system is relatively affordable, and very easy to use. 

Sygnio’s Grocery Features

Doing a quick evaluation of the features of this retail POS system, it’s clear that all the essential boxes check off. You can easily ring up products using some of the rather uncommon features that we listed below:

  • Inventory management
  • Regular stock alerts
  • Staff management
  • Smart scheduling
  • Team tracking support
  • Customizable live reporting
  • Retail customer relationship management
  • Advanced payment processing solution
  • 24/7 customer support 
  • Grocery-optimized checkout experience
  • Full cloud-based back-office management
  • Web resources and knowledge base blog

A closer look at some of its top features. 

Inventory Management

Sygnio designs a robust inventory management system that super simplified to every user. Your store items are organized to reach a low inventory threshold with real-time reports. You know when stocks are getting low and which particular items will run out soon. Because the system is cloud-based with remote access, you can manage your inventory from any physical location. You aren’t limited by physical restrictions provided you have a reliable internet connection. 

However, if you don’t have the time to actively manage your inventory through this feature, this grocery store’s POS system will send you daily stock alerts through email. In these emails, you’ll find the respective items and products that are low and running out. 

Customer Relationship Management

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This supermarket POS system is built with comprehensive customer relationship management functionalities that are a very good fit for grocery stores. The system can document and store the spending history and visiting habits of customers. The advantages and applications of these features are limitless. Your business could put this feature to use and get extremely beneficial through better customer retention measures and improved customer service. 

Ultimately, this feature helps launch many effective loyalty programs for grocers. 

Employee Management

The system provides you the framework necessary for tracking employee working hours even double time and overtime. With the information gathered from this data, you have a bird’s eye view of the manpower needs and help save the cost of human resources. Also, your employees can easily clock in and out of shifts. This enables you to get enough insight to optimize the working schedules of your employees for maximum performance. 

Sales Reports and Analytics

Here you can customize your sales report for easy access to the performances of different store locations. You will know the products bringing in the most money, and the employees bring in the most profit for your business. Due to its advanced customizability, you can use a wide range of filters and variables to create reports that help you get to the bottom of occurrences related to your POS cash register transactions. As such, you can identify problems and trends you can either address or capitalize on for your business. 

Final Thoughts

The POS system for grocery stores requires several unique features like those listed above to meet the needs and expectations of your customers. However, a typical retail POS system wouldn’t provide most of these features. Hence, you can need a dedicated grocery store POS system to run a great small business in today’s market. 

The systems above service the needs of grocers, and most importantly, they don’t break the bank. You can use our POS comparison tool to further analyze the fine details of these seven systems. If you find this list helpful, do follow this blog for other informative posts. On the other hand, if you know any other grocery store POS system that should be in this list, do add in them in the comments section below. 

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